TRIPS to Doha to Bilateral FTAs

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Story of policy development internationally on IP protection.</br> Patents, prices and access</br> Impact of TRIPS</br> Bilateral free trade and TRIPS plus (data exclusivity, evergreening, patent extensions (for unreasonable delays))</br> Reform pressures and options: differential pricing, parallel importation, compulsory licensing</br> Doha statement</br> Compulsory licensing farce at WTO</br>

E.U. To Exclude Drug Patent Provisions in Trade Agreements With Developing Countries [Jul 12, 2007]

The European Union will exclude drug patent provisions from future trade deals with developing countries to increase access to affordable medicines, the European Commission announced on Wednesday, Reuters reports. According to Manuel Lobo Antunes -- secretary of state for European affairs who spoke on behalf of Portugal, which recently assumed the E.U. presidency [more]

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