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The project is directed to two parallel purposes. On the one hand we aim to contribute to the reform of prevailing IP regime as it affects the delivery of affordable and effective pharmaceuticals to alleviate and prevent ill health. On the other hand we aim to use the campaign as an opportunity for strenthening PHM in Australia and building a wider sense of solidarity in Australia generally for the struggle for health in L&MICs.

Goals of proposed campaign

  • to contribute to reforming the global governance of pharmaceuticals development, production, regulation, and use (including the prevailing intellectual property regim_);
  • to build PHM Oz and contribute to a stronger spirit of international solidarity in Australia, in particular in Australian primary health care sector and across public health;
  • to build Australian consciousness of the challenges of globalisation and health and builds a movement to press for continuing reform of this regime to create the conditions for better health globally.

Phases of proposed campaign

  1. Focus on Australian research patenting and licensing policies and practices
  2. Possible next stages of the campaign (to be confirmed)
    1. focus on building support in Australia for the developing countries which are fighting against the imposition of ever-more restrictive patenting regimes
    2. focus on contributing to international movement for License of Commons strategy in research
    3. focus on contributing to international movement for reform of under pinning principles of patenting

How you can help

We welcome contributors to developing this website. If you would like to add to the website, please email us ( for a password. Please see the Website Instructions page for help on editing the website.

Planning for this Global Medicines Crisis project has been supported by regular internet workshops to discuss the issues and the project.

Convenor: David Legge (dlegge[at]

For technical assistance in preparing to participate, please see the Internet Workshops page.

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