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Launch of the People's Health Movement Western Australia

In conjunction with the Public Health Association of Australia and the WA Social Justice Network...

PUBLIC LECTURE : "Neo liberalism is bad for your health – but what can be done about it?"

Monday 26th September, 6.30 pm on the Functions Floor
Sheraton Hotel, 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth.


  • Fran Baum, Professor of Public Health, Flinders University and Commissioner, WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health
  • Gavin Mooney, Professor of Health Economics, Curtin University and Co-convenor WA Social Justice Network
  • Chair: Del Weston, Convenor of the WA People's Health Movement


Interested people are welcome to also attend a morning tea meeting on Sunday 2nd October 10.30 to 12.00 (sharp!!) to start discussions about a PHM chapter in WA.

All welcome! More information email Del Weston or call 08 9339 0803.

International People's Health University

The IPHU is a project of the International People's Health Council and part of the People's Health Movement, globally.

The International People's Health University aims to contribute to ‘health for all’ by strengthening people’s health movements around the globe, by organising and resourcing learning, sharing and planning opportunities for people's health activists, particularly from Third World countries.

More information

Report from PHM SA Meeting in Adelaide

PHM South Australia had its first meeting for 2005 on Wednesday 28th of April at Women's Health Statewide in North Adelaide. The meeting was attended by 45 people from a broad range of academic, occupational and student backgrounds. Read more

Indigenous Leaders Supported to Attend PHA2

29 April: Dr Cathy Mead, President of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA), today announced the sponsorship of two Indigenous health leaders to attend the Peoples’ Health Assembly to be held in Cuenca Ecuador. Read More

PHAA commits to supporting second People's Health Assembly

PHM Oz features in the March issue of the magazine In Touch published by the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA). You can download the magazine from the PHAA website.

Page 5: The Primary Health Care Special Interest Group commits to giving strong support to the second People's Health Assembly.
Page 7: Feature article on the history of PHM and the role PHAA members have played in setting up PHM Oz.

PHM Victoria Launch

PHM Victoria held an enjoyable and informative evening on Thursday 24 March in Melbourne. Read more

PHM NSW Launch and Workshop

A workshop was held on Monday 21 March in Sydney. A report has been posted on the PHM in New South Wales page.

Global Campaign Against India's Patent Act

A Global Day of Action was organised on 26 Feb 2005 to protest the Patents Amendment bill that is currently under consideration by Indian parliament. India is under pressure to comply with the TRIPS agreement on Intellectual Property Rights, as dictated by World Trade Organization (WTO). This peoples’ mobilization effort is aimed at building solidarity around pressurizing the Indian Government to reassess the Bill to take into account all the flexibilities offered by TRIPS. The bill in its current form is even more stringent than what the TRIPS regulations demand. Ideally, we believe it is in the best interest of people in India that TRIPS itself be eliminated altogether. More information

PHM SA Launch

PHM SA was the first state to officially launch on 7 September 2004. Presentations were made by David Legge and Frank Tesoriero. Read more

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