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News update

Dec 2007: PHM NSW is being reinvigorated by group of enthusiastic people who met recently. Email PHM NSW to get involved!

NSW Archive

Successful People's Health Movement NSW Workshop

35 people attended a very successful Launch and Planning Workshop for PHM NSW on March 21, from 9.30am - 4pm in the historic Claffey Lecture Theatre, Sydney Hospital. People from a very wide range of backgrounds participated including academics, community health representatives, public health and primary care practitioners.

The workshop participants were welcomed to country by Aunty Ally Golden and the workshop was launched by H.E. Prof. Marie Bashir AC, Governor of NSW.

Ron Labonte provided the big picture background with an analysis of globalisation and health focusing on ways in which the global economic regime damages people's health (and possible remedies).

Fran Baum, newly appointed Commissioner with the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health, spoke about the origins of the PHM and some of its early projects. She pointed out that PHM had urged the establishment of such a Commission and showed a photo of Ravi Narayan speaking at the Lauch of the Commission in Chile

David Legge spoke about the development of PHM in Australia. He talked about the successes that solidarity movements in health have achieved through global links and grass roots action over the last decade or so. He spoke about the 'entry points' where PHM could focus its action; issues which have a real presence in Australia but which also have important implications and determinants at the global level.

The workshop broke up into small groups to discuss issues that delegates might take to PHA2 and in particular testimonies and resource materials that might be developed.

An enthusiastic core group volunteered to pick up the ball after this meeting.

Please email PHM NSW for more information and/or to express your interest in participating in the work of PHM NSW or to be included in the mailing list.

Following the workshop Dr. Shanti Raman gave an interview on radio national about PHM NSW. You can hear this interview at

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