PHM Position Statement - PACER Plus and the Health of Pacific Islanders

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PHM Oz has prepared a draft PHM position statement on PACER Plus and the Health of Pacific Islanders.

This statement is a working document that will inform submissions and other campaign activities.

We welcome input to the statement from PHM Oz members and others.

Please send suggestions to Deb at info [at]

For background information see the resource page Pacer Plus: Should we be worried about the impact on health in the Pacific?

Outcomes of the Melbourne Forum Trade_and_Health_in_the_Pacific

Outcomes of Sydney Forum Sydney_Forum:_Trade_and_its_impact_on_health_and_development_in_the_Pacific

See also PHM's PACER Plus fact sheets PACER_Plus_Fact_Sheets

See recent media reports on PACER Plus PACER_Plus_Media_Reports

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