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Background to the early development of IP in India and process-only patenting

Early pressure to change (marketing approval).

Accession to WTO and TRIPS from 2005 and requirement to introduce product patenting as well as process patenting.

The Novartis case. See documentation at Berne Declaration [Novartis case background]

See also:

Upendra's first presentation
Upendra's follow-up presentation

India: Former Swiss President joins chorus against Novartis' patent challenge
15 February 2007: More prominent figures have joined the chorus of over 300,000 people worldwide voicing concerns about Novartis’ legal challenge against the Indian government and its impact on access to essential medicines across the globe.
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MSF Petition regarding Novartis

US activists try to deliver coffin to Novartis over Indian patent case
29 Jan: WASHINGTON (AFP) - Non-governmental groups tried to deliver a mini coffin to Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Novartis to protest legal action aiming to overturn a ban on a drug patent application in India.

Taking TRIPS to India — Novartis, Patent Law, and Access to Medicines Janice M. Mueller NEJM Volume 356:541-543

In August and September 2006, patients with cancer, lawyers for patient advocacy groups, and representatives of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) converged on the offices of Novartis in Mumbai, India, to protest the company's efforts to obtain an Indian patent on Gleevec, the company's brand-name version of imatinib mesylate. Gleevec (spelled Glivec outside the United States) is used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia, and Novartis has patented the drug in 35 countries. The protesters also decried the drug's high price: Novartis sells it in India (where only 5% of people have private health insurance) for $26,000 per year; generic-drug manufacturers offer the drug at less than one tenth that price....

Rep Waxman letter to Novartis on Indian legal challenge
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