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PHM Help Page for Website Editors

This is kind of FAQs set up, I will answer questions asked by anyone both to them personally and here. email addresses are just forwarding addresses for whatever email account you usually use. We can change the account your email address forwards to at anytime, just email me or Ben.

My contributions (tab top right of screen) Shows you what changes you have made to the website

My watchlist (tab top right of screen) not useful for us so don't worry about it

My talk (tab top right of screen) intended for discussions, we won't be using this

Discussion (tab top left of screen) is a page that sits behind each front page. These pages are places for us to communicate about the web. For instance, we might put a brief explanation about the reason for the page structure, temporary change, things we would like to put up in the future... It is a resource to be used by website people in each state but remember that at this stage they are still visible to the general public. We may change this in the future.

Toolbox (bottom left of screen in tool bar) Don't worry about this. Ben will remove it soon.

Preferences Go there and check it out!

Website set up The reason some features that are not useful exist is because we are using a set up based on wikipedia. Check it out if you like, its a free encyclopaedia online that anyone can edit. Some of the things that are useful in that setting, aren't so useful to us but the bulk of it, like multiple user editing, is very useful.

What you really need to be able to do is editing pages, previewing and saving them. You can edit a page, preview your efforts and then cancel what you've done just for practicing! Use 'cancel' link (blue font) at bottom of page if required. Definitely try this and then click Editing help link next to cancel (also in blue) - you can work out the way to create different font styles, lists, line breaks etc.

The best way to learn how to do things is to press the edit button on a page and see how it looks 'from behind' (the 'source' if you want to be technical about it).

Most important thing is don't worry about 'breaking' something (as Ben says). We can retrieve anything - Ben assures me that when the website has been going 10 years, we could still go back to what we had on day 2!



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