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Workshop at Melbourne Social Forum - 21 April

Join us this weekend for a workshop on Health for All at the Melbourne Social Forum.

10:30am at CERES Environment Park, Brunswick
Saturday 21 April

Cost: $10/15 for the whole day - lots of great workshops and stalls.

More information on the Melbourne MSF

The workshop will commence with a short description of PHM and what it has acheived to date internationally and within Australia. This will include a description of the People's Health Charter which outlines the key principles and beliefs of the global PHM movement.

The workshop will then break up into smaller interactive groups to discuss some key issues depending on participants interests.

Topics to be explored:

  • Big Pharma: How the forces of globalization and the policies of multinational drug companies impact on cost and access to essential drugs
  • Capital transfer: The flow of wealth and skills from rich to poor countries and how this shapes health systems in poor countries.
  • Privatization: The push to privatize essential industries including the health sector and what this means for developing and developed countries.

Current Projects

Health Issue Briefings

2007 sees PHM Victoria developing a number of briefings on important global health topics such as trade liberalisation, the role of the WHO and much more.

A list of ideas and background notes will be developed on this page, follow the links below for more information.

Compulsory Licensing * We will be holding a third internet workshop on this topic on Tuesday 1 May at 7:30pm!

Free Trade and Indian Agriculture

Right to Health campaign

PHM Vic is leading an effort to participate in the global PHM Right to Health campaign. Please email us for more information.

Community Health Links Project

We are developing a Community Health Links Project to partner Community Health Centres in Australia to brother/sister organisations in the majority world. If you are interested in this project, please email Deb.

More information

Brain Drain and Third World Health

The term 'brain drain' refers to the net migration of skilled professionals from one place to another. Our Working Group aims to contribute to the Australian and international debate on the brain drain of skilled health professionals and the creation of global equity in health.

Please see the Brain Drain main page for more information and contact Sally if you would like to get involved.

Get involved

Please subscribe to the PHM Oz announcements mailing list and/or email us if you live in Victoria and would like to get involved.

We also have a discussion email list for PHM in Victoria. You can access this on the web:

PHM Pamphlet

Download PHM Oz - Vic branch pamphlet PDF file

Victorian Archive

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