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Here are some photos with short stories from Australian delegates who attended the second People's Health Assembly during July 2005 in Cuenca, Ecuador. For more information and to see many more photos, please see the official PHA2 site.

Thanks to Fran Baum for the photos.

File:Indigenous celebration Lisa.JPG
The People's Health Assembly was opened with a ceremony which celebrated Indigenous cultures from around the world. All participants were requested to wear white. The ceremony had the most wonderful atmosphere and the cerebration of the Inca-Canari culture of Ecuador with song and dance was especially wonderful.
File:Indigenous celebration 045.jpg
Fran Baum with Halfdan Mahler who was the Director General of WHO at the time the Alma Ata Health for All 2000 strategy was adopted. Dr Mahler attended both PHA1 and PHA2 and has been a strong supporter of the People's Health Movement. His vision of Health for All remains a key rallying call for PHM.
File:Indigenous celebration 028.jpg
Pictured here on the far left are Maria Zuniga one of the convenors of PHA2 and on the far right are Ravi Narayan, Global Co-ordinator of the People's Health Movement and Arturo Quizhpe convenor of PHA2.
File:DrSalam and Pat.jpg
One of the presentations at PHA2 which had a huge impact on delegates was the one by Dr. Salam from Iraq who described the impact of the US and allies invasion on the Iraqi people and their health services. Dr. Salam is pictured here with Pat Anderson from Darwin Australia.
Another moving session was the presentation by a young African girl who reported on the experience of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Here is her message to the adults of the world.
File:Aussie stall.jpg
An Australian stall was established on one day of the PHA2 and Frank Tesoriero, Paul Laris and Sarah Simpson personed the stall - they reported that the Australian literature disappeared very quickly.
File:Aussie banner march.jpg
The PHA2 ended with a march which was a great statement of solidarity between the participants. Noarlunga Health Services paid for an Australian banner which gave the Australian delegation a great presence in the march.
File:Monica march.jpg
Monica in the spirit of the march.
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