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Global Food Crisis

The aim of this project is to assemble resources for thinking through the global food crisis.

Project group members are urged to develop materials for this site including annotated links. This material can be uploaded directly if you are happy to negotiate Wiki (approach the webmistress for direct access) or alternatively can be emailed to d.legge[at] for uploading.

Please feel free to suggest how we might improve the overall framework of the site.


The food crisis is complex. There are many different strands. There are many floating generalisations but many exceptions. How to frame the issues so that we can find our way through the different issues and interactions? We think it is useful to start with the country experience and work 'up' from there to particular commodities, industries and technologies; and to the political economy of markets, monopolies, trade agreements; and to the dynamics of peak oil, climate change, water. And then locate these stories in relation to the pathways of change, research, policy, advocacy and social action. See:

  • Countries (stories about food from different countries)
  • Commodities (grains, meats, vegetables, etc)
  • Industries, companies, supply chains, market relationships
  • Technologies (growing, processing, marketing, etc)
  • Energy (peak oil, biofuels, production and transport costs, sustainable energy sources)
  • Climate change
  • Food, nutrition and health
  • Food aid
  • Food and trade: WTO
  • Australia
  • Directions for change

Documents and Websites

UN High Level Taskforce (2008) Comprehensive framework for action

See also the FIAN response to the CFA

More about FIAN International (Foodfirst International Action Network)

Cooke, A.M., et al., Introduction: Agriculture, Trade, and the Global Governance of Food. Globalizations, 2008. 5(2): p. 99 - 106

UN Standing Committee on Nutrition

Food First - Institute for Food and Development Policy

La Via Campesina - International Peasant Movement

Holt-Giménez, E., The world food crisis: what's behind it and what we can do about it. 2008, Food first - Institute for food and development policy (

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