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Stories about food from different countries

Meat consumption in North East Asia

Kasa, S., Globalizing Unsustainable Food Consumption: Trade Policies, Producer Lobbies, Consumer Preferences, and Beef Consumption in Northeast Asia. Globalizations, 2008. 5(2): p. 151 - 163

Rice in Indonesia

Bulletin of Indonesian Studies 44(1), April 2008 ( Rice Policy in Indonesia: A Special Issue (by Neil McCulloch and C. Peter Timmer) Rice Prices and Poverty in Indonesia (by Neil McCulloch) Indonesian Rice Production: Policies and Realities (by Pantjar Simatupang and L. Peter Timmer) A Note on Rice Production, Consumption and Import Data in Indonesia (by L. Peter Rosner and Neil McCulloch) Food Price Stabilization and Food Security: International Experience (by Paul Dorosh) Can Indonesia Trust the World Rice Market? (by David Dawe) Agricultural Protection in Indonesia (by George Fane and Peter Warr)

Wheat supply in Egypt

Rice in Bangladesh

Infant under-nutrition in South Africa

Sanders, D., Key factors in sustaining the impact of nutrition programs: an example from Southern Africa. SCN News 2003(26): p. 21-22

Corn in Mexico

Mexico provides a case study of what happens when a country comes under an IMF Structural Adjustment Package; ultimately local producers of staple foods are driven out of the market.

  • During the 1980s Mexico forced to adopt IMF package including withdrawal of government from public services and 'intervention in the economy'. Leads to dismantling of state owned marketing authorities and hand over of state distribution systems to Transnational Grain Companies.
  • Then Mexico signs NAFTA and reduces its tariffs against US corn. Local producers are forced out of the market because US corn prices are much lower (cheap fuel; agricultural subsidies).
  • But then with the introduction of subsidies for biofuels in USA, the transnational grain merchants withhold & divert supplies to US biofuel production. Mexico is left with a corn shortage

Mutton flaps in the Pacific

Cassels, S., Overweight in the Pacific: links between foreign dependence, global food trade, and obesity in the Federated States of Micronesia. Globalization and health, 2006. 2(10)

US Agricultural Policies

US Farm Bill

Food Aid

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