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Preparing for the Fourth People's Health Assembly

Join us at the 4th People’s Health Assembly! taking place 15-19 November 2018 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Civil society mobilization and policy dialogue for health equity and accountable national and global governance for health.

Health for All or Health for Some - Save the date! 13 & 14 September 2018

By way of leading up to PHA4 in November, PHM Oz, in association with the Political Economy Special Interest Group of the Public Health Association of Australia, is holding a workshop in Canberra in September, tentatively entitled “Health for All or Health for Some? Impacts of neoliberal globalisation on health in Australia and beyond”.

The logic behind our planning for the workshop is something along the following lines: • Neoliberal globalisation. What is it? Where did it come from? Are there alternatives? • Impact of neoliberal globalisation on health care and population health in the Global South. • Impact of neoliberal globalisation in Australia: on health care and on the social determinants of health • What is to be done?

Watch this space!

Global Medicines Crisis

The crisis is reflected in cost barriers to access, failure to develop drugs for diseases which only affect poor people, counterfeit products and big pharma / big power bullying. Central to these problems is the need to reform the intellectual property regime as it applies to pharmaceuticals. </br> For more on the crisis go to the Global Medicines Crisis resources page.

Global Food Crisis

Join PHM's food crisis project - read more

The People's Health Movement

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) is a global coalition of grassroots and health activist organisations dedicated to addressing the burden of preventable disease globally but in particular that carried by developing countries. The goal of the People’s Health Movement is to re-establish health and equitable development as top priorities in local, national and international policy-making with comprehensive primary health care as a key strategy to achieve these priorities.

More about PHM Australia </br> More about PHM Global</br>

International People's Health University

Applications to participate in The Struggle for Health, an IPHU short course to be held from 6-13 November 2018 in Bangladesh in the lead up to the [fourth People's Health Assembly]. More details [here;] apply [here.]

The International People's Health University aims to contribute to ‘health for all’ by strengthening people’s health movements around the globe, by organising and resourcing learning, sharing and planning opportunities for people's health activists, particularly from Third World countries. [More...]

Global Health Watch: The Alternative World Health Report

Global Health Watch offers a comprehensive survey of the key areas that influence the health of poor and vulnerable groups all over the world. It includes inspiring stories about resistance. It is also a call to action.
The fifth edition of GHW is now out!
Chapters (or whole issue) downloads from GHWs 1-5 are now available here: GHW

WHO Watch

The heavy burden of disease carried by poorer countries and poorer people reflects in large degree the unequal distribution of power nationally and globally.
PHM's 'Democratising global health governance' project is directed at a restructuring of the forces and dynamics which shape the health crisis, globally.
WHO Watch (part of the DGHG project) involves tracking, commenting, participating, lobbying and reporting on WHO's governing body meetings.
Also check out PHM's WHO Tracker which tracks current and previous meetings of WHO governing bodies and provides a search function to follow specific issues or resolutions.

Networking with Other Organisations

We are keen to negotiate affiliation relationships with existing organisations who share our objectives. See our current affiliates. Please email us if you would like to discuss affiliation.

Get Involved!

There are ways for both organisations and individuals to get involved in PHM. Read more

Subscribe to our national discussion list.

More info on PHM Oz mailing lists.

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