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The global ‘Right to Health and Health Care Campaign’

The People’s Health Movement is embarking upon a global Right to Health and Healthcare campaign which involves coordinated national and international level action. The overall idea of the campaign is to change the international approach to health and development, and, via a ‘Global Action Plan on the Right to Health Care,’ convincingly show how quality essential health care services could be made available NOW to every human being on earth.

The 2008 World Health Assembly will be asked to adopt a ‘Declaration on the Right to Health for All’ that will call for time-bound, progressive implementation of the Right to Health and will put in place mechanisms for monitoring and redressal of this right in all countries. PHM will use a consultative process in about 40 countries to involve thousands of people in making this demand. PHM has received attention and credibility at the international level because it is seen as representing a large constituency of grassroots health workers, activists, and citizens and so the involvement of many people is key.

The first phase involves the production of rights-based evaluations of national health policies in countries with PHM circles. The global coordinating group has developed The Assessment of the Right to Health at the Country Level: A People's Health Movement Guide for national PHM circles to use to produce consistent reports using human rights law. The process will generate lobbying/activist strategies to use on the national and international level.

Right to Health and Health Care Campaign in Australia

A group of lawyers and PHM activists in Melbourne have started investigating possible ways of participating in the global campaign.

We are looking for individuals and groups with an interest in right to health to join us!

Current goals of the group are to:

  • Engage interested individuals and groups around Australia
  • Contribute to the mobilization of support in Australia for human rights, particularly in the area of health and health care
  • Work with citizens and community groups to conduct a national right to health assessment

Please contact for more information.

More information

Global PHM Right to Health and Health Care Campaign

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